Exceptional Growth

The World Halal Convention East Europe is the 1st exhibition of its kind in the region, by having a technical conference from its launch edition and leading Halal trade associations and authorities as its supporters. The show will have a series of specialized workshops focusing on the Halal industry.

Halal Food & Beverages

  • Global Halal food market is set to grow at the rate of 4.44 percent over the next 5 years.
  • The Islamic world imports most of its food, valued at US$15.4 billion.
  • Globally, Muslims spent US$1.5 trillion of food and beverages in 2015, which is forecast to reach US$1.9 trillion by 2020.

Halal Ingredients

Muslims are more than one third of the human population on earth and 1.8 billion Halal consumers globally are seeking Halal products with Halal ingredients. This is a growing consumer market and certification is essential for gaining access into this huge market.

The world ingredients market is currently on a 7.2 percent growth annually serving an end product market totaling almost $400 billion, which is substantial and growing section for “Halal” ingredients.

Halal Cosmetic & Personal Care

  • Gulf countries have emerged as an exceptionally attractive market for cosmetic and a unified Halal standards for cosmetics has also been developed in the GCC.
  • A recent report of the University of Malaysia also revealed that as cosmetic companies begin to tap into this significant market, the segments doing particularly well in the Middle Eastand is also growing on a global basis, estimated as worth around $5 billion.

Halal Pharmaceutical & Health

  • Total global Halal market is US$2.3 trillion of which about 23%, i.e, US$ 529 billion, is attributed to Halal Pharmaceuticals.
  • According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EID), Asian pharmaceutical sales are expected to increase to his US$ 386billion reflecting an annual average growth rate of more than 13%

Islamic Finance

  • The global halal industry is currently valued at close to US$2.3 trillion, growing at a pace of 20 per cent per annum
  • The global Islamic economy has a potential value of US$6.7 trillion, bigger then the economy of every country in the world, except China and the US
  • The value of Islamic financial assets stands at US$1.35 trillion, which is expected to grow 15 to 20 per cent a year in core markets
  • The potential value of Islamic banking assets in core markets in US$4.1 trillion

Halal Hospitality & Services

  • World Travel Market global trend reports projects that until at least 2020, Muslim international tourism will increase at a faster rate than the average rate for international tourism – 4.79 percent versus 3.8 percent.
  • At that point, the study says, overall annual spending for international Muslim tourism is expected to reach aprox US$200 billion (excuding Hajj and Umrah expenditures)
  • In Asian countries, Malaysia is considered a pioneer in attracting Muslim tourists concerned with religious regulations. Countries in the Middle East have begun to catch and now target what the Dinar Standard-Crescent Rating study calls “the largest untapped niche market of the World Tourism Industry”.
  • According to Dinar Standard-Crescent Rating study, the top three destinations for the Muslim tourism have been Malaysia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

Halal Branding: Opening Doors to the trillion dollar market

The World Halal Convention East Europe promises to offer an excellent dialogue & networking platform for the international Halal industry. The World Halal Convention East Europe will feature a session of Panel discussion with leading international expert joining in as panelists. It will facilitate exchange of up-todateinformation on halal products, issues facing the industry, opportunities available, certification and standards requirement and joint venture opportunities inPoland and other east European markets

What you can expect at Halal Convention East Europe:

  • Technical sessions that highlight opportunities across the world
  • Professionals and experts talk on various halal issues
  • Convergence of major halal producers and buyers
  • Easy access to a large halal consumer market
  • A chance to attend the concurrent trade fair
  • Network with manufacturers, distributors & buyers
  • Gauge immediate business prospects in a fast-growing region
  • Understand changing consumer behavior of a growing population

A BUNDLE OF OPPORTUNITIES FOR  SPONSORS of World Halal Convention East Europe:


Let us take care of your business target for the East Europe market.

  1. Best platform to launch a new product or to increase brand awareness of your existing products
  2. To promote your Halal certified brands firmly in front of your target audience
  3. To project your company as a major player in their international Halal market.