CEO& Managing Director, Dinar Standard, UAE

Rafi-uddin Shikoh,
CEO& Managing Director, Dinar Standard

Rafi-uddin is the Founder and CEO of Dinar Standard–a specialized marketing and investments strategy advisory firm focused on the emerging Islamic marketsof Halal/Tayyab food, Muslim travel market, Islamic/Ethical Finance, and OIC member countries.  He is passionate about empowering organizationsfor profitable and responsible global impact.Since 2008, Rafi-uddin has been advising global multi-nationals, Islamic financial institutions, Halal market startups and NGOs on market expansion analysis, business/investment strategy, and innovative marketing strategies.

Prior to Dinar Standard, Rafi-uddin had been a Vice President with Marsh Inc, a global risk-brokerage firm, where he led and successfully delivered multi-million dollar knowledge management and marketing technology related initiatives.  He had previously served as a Senior e-Business Consultant at a Boston a based firm.  Rafi-uddin has an MBA from UNC-Charlotte, North Carolina, and a BSc. in Marketing from Southwest State, Minnesota, USA.

My Sessions


The last session in this great conference will see two main activities, Experts Panel Discussion, Way Forward for Poland, conducted by Mr Rafiuddin Shikoh, CEO, Dinar Standards and Conference Resolution presented by Polish Institute of Halal & Polagra Food, After we will have Photographs and small discussions before announcing the closing of World Halal Convention.



Halal hospitality and tourism are an important subjects nowadays, so three of the best speakers will try to clarify the potential of halal tourism in Poland and its abilities to be the destination of Halal hospitality, Dr Rafiuddin Shikoh, Dr Ibrahim Abu-Helil and Mr. Habib Bouslama are your speakers.