Consultant in MENA-EURO tourism market and Managing Director, Jordan

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Motto: Tourism & Trade (TT) is everything!

Abu-Helil is currently an independent consultant who specializes in MENA-EURO tourism market and Managing Director/a co-founder of JIA Firm for Tourism Consultancy & Food Marketing Trade. Prior to this, from 2008-April 2017 the Middle East & North Africa regional representative of ENAT- a European Network for promoting and marketing Accessible Tourism for All between Euro-MENA regions. An Advisor to President of the Arab Tourism Organization/ATO based in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, CEO of Arab Tourism Promotion Campaign based in Dubai, Coordinator of ATO-UNWTO programs, Coordinator of Arab-Turkish, Arab-Indian, Arab-Japanese tourism markets and the initiator /coordinator of Arab Tourism Investment Council and Arab Medical Tourism Council, an advisor to the President of Aqaba Special Economic-Zone Authority/ASEZA, living and working in UK, Spain and Tunisia with the EU Commission-Euro-Arab Management Development program/EAMS.

He was actively working with IDB and OIC on developing halal tourism marketing and investment master plan in Palestine-Jerusalem and Union of Comers Islands. Participated in events and carried out consultancy missions in promotion, marketing and investment in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Somali, Mauritania, Sudan, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, Belgium, Netherland and Yemen. In the last tow decades, he has an active engagement as an educator, trainer and consultants with different sectors in tourism, health, and management development and trade industry stakeholders of governments, multinational corporations, SMEs, academia, media and event organizers.

Education, obtained his BA in Sociology from Jordan University, post-graduate diploma and MSC in Socio-Economic development planning policiesfrom London School of Economics/LSE, MPhil reading for PhD in tourism development from University College London/UCL, Master degree in Euro-Arab Management Development from EAMS/Euro-Arab Management School in Granada/Spain and Diploma in leadership Management from the UN/Leadership Academy. Abu-Helil is a Palestinian origin and enjoys dual Jordanian & British citizenship.

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Halal hospitality and tourism are an important subjects nowadays, so three of the best speakers will try to clarify the potential of halal tourism in Poland and its abilities to be the destination of Halal hospitality, Dr Rafiuddin Shikoh, Dr Ibrahim Abu-Helil and Mr. Habib Bouslama are your speakers.