Teacher of the State Higher School of East Europe in Przemyśl


Graduate Faculty of Food Technology Warsaw University of Life Science(WULS-SGGW) in 1978, then researcher-teacher – assistant professor at this Faculty, and since 1990, Faculty of Food Science and Consumption WULS-SGGW (until 2001). From 2001 to 2016 he was an adjunct  at the University of Gdansk (2001-2002), Department of Trade and Services at the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Commodity Sciences at the Gdynia Maritime Academy (2002-2012), the School of Management at the University of Gdańsk Gdańsk (2002-2003), Department of Marketing and Services at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Koszalin University of Technology (2015-2016). Currently (since 2015), a teacher of the State Higher School of East Europe in Przemyśl. Since 2003, Lecturer continuous courses of the MBA program “Management in Agribusiness” at the Faculty of Economics and Agriculture of the WULS-SGGW in the field of logistics and management in the food distribution channels. Dean of the Faculty of Marketing and Management of the Warsaw School of Infrastructure and Management (2003-2006), Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Tourism, Warsaw School of Commerce and International Finance (2012-2014).

Research fellowships at the Humboldt University in Berlin and the Marketing Department at the University of Helsinki. Traineeships in food companies in Finland, Germany and Switzerland. Coordinator and contractor in national and international research projects of the EU and NCBiR, author of studies and studies for the food sector. Author of about 450 scientific publications, books and textbooks, including the co-author of “Food Marketing” Wolter Kluvers 2013. Expert and advisor in market research companies and advertising agencies. Marketing advisor, restructuring and development of leading food companies (eg Mlekovit) and Institutions (eg. ARR).  Editor-in-Chief of scientific journals -the „Food Industry” (1990-1995) and „Dairy Forum” (2003-2006). Currently an editor in internationale scientfic journal „ Annals of Nutrition and Food Science”.

Scientific interests and practical market practices are currently focused on research and modeling of the food market, management and development of innovative food products, distribution channel management and food logistics, competitiveness in the food sector, loss reduction and food waste, and market effectiveness testing food market.

My Sessions


In this session we will attend three important lectures about the potential of Halal SME Development, the first lecture will be given by Dr Muhammad Munir Chaudry, while the second one will be given by the president of the Polish Meat Union Witold Choiński, the third one will concentrate on Developing Halal Food Market in […]