Professor of Food Science & Technology, Jordan

Dr. Hanee M. Al-Dmoor is a Professor of Food Science & Technology in the Department of Nutrition and Food Processing of Al-Balqa Applied University in Jordan. A national award winning Author of best text books in “Food Science & Technology” in Arabic language published 2014/2015: the 1st book in “Islamic Food Quraniq Verses-Components and Developments’ and the 2nd book of “Food Contamination-Safety and Culture”. Wrote and published more than 40 articles and papers in different food science and technology fields. An editorial board member of journals such as: Current Research in Nutrition & Food Science-Greece, ARC Journal Nutrition & Growth-India, Food Science & Toxicology-USA, Applied Food Science-Pulses Group UK, QAS Journal of Quality Assurance & Safety Crops & Food. Served and still serving member of national, regional and international technical committees, associations and events including: American Association Cereal Chemist/AACC: htttp://www.aaccnet.org, a member since 2003 of several technical committees/TC of Jordan Institution of Standards and Metrology/JISM and Jordanian Food and Drug Administration/JEDA’s technical committees, a technical advisor to Jordan General Association for Foodstuff & Merchants /JGAFM: http://www.gafjo.org.

Prof. Al-Dmoor is a recognized pioneer in development of food science technology at national and MENA region countries levels and involved as a researcher, trainer and technical consultant with public, private and non-profit food sectors. A founder of Scientific Food Center a dedicated private research centre as well the non-profit organization the Scientific Facts Centre, both operated in Jordan and driven by the motto” From- Farm–to- Fork”, with a mission and vision dedicated to provide: analysis, consultation, research, assessment and developments for accreditation for certifications in ISO, HACCP, GMP and training services for developing growth strategies, awareness-raising and professionalism within food chains and stakeholders. Education, completed schoolings in KARAK, a Biological Sciences B.S degree-Baghdad/Iraq, M. Sciences and PhD SciencesJordan University/Amman and with a focus research interest in food cereals analysis and processing.

My Sessions


The Halal production has many processing requirements such as Food Safety.. Companies and researchers need to understand  that process and it’s importance for Halal consumers, Dr Hanee El-mazeedi and Prof. Dr Hani El Damoor  will explain that session and discuss it with the audience