About the city

Poznań is a place where the energy of the New Europe is merged with the civilization of the West. A metropolis with over half-a-million residents, Poznań is situated in the most economically developed region of Poland, closer to Berlin than to Warsaw. Poznanians can be counted on – they are well-educated, competent and welcoming.

The city is focused on achieving success, grounded on a 1000-year tradition of competence. The most ambitious of projects and the bravest of visions have a chance to succeed here. The state of Poland was born in Poznań and it was also the location of the Greater Poland Uprising, the only successful armed bid for independence in Poland and a proof of the exceptional resourcefulness of its citizens.

The people of this metropolis also stand out in terms of their spirit of enterprise, renowned for generations. During the great economic crisis at the beginning of the 20th century, Poznań managed to establish itself as one of the biggest trading areas in this part of Europe. Today, the Poznań International Trade Fair Centre successfully hosts large international events including the 2008 United Nations IPCC climate conference and a 2010 meeting of the delegations of 46 ministers of culture from Europe and Asia, under the auspices of the Asia-Europe Meeting.

The city’s sports infrastructure allows for the organisation of major international sporting events. In the opinion of experts, Poznań has one of the most beautifully located regatta courses in the world and hosts one of the largest street races in Europe- the Poznań Marathon. Poznań is also becoming famous around the football stadiums of Europe for the passion of the fans of Lech Poznań-the best supported club in Poland.

Poznań cultural climate is formed by the wide range of entertainment on offer. Major international events hosted here include: Malta Festival – the biggest theatre festival in Poland, Dancing Poznań – which has been attracting dancers from all over the world for 17 years and the Made in Chicago Festival – the only festival of the Chicago Jazz School in Europe.

The programme is complemented by small but quickly growing events – the Animator Festival – the biggest festival of animated films in Poland, the Ethno Port Festival – recognised as one of the best 25 world music festivals in the world and Transatlantic – an event focusing on film scores.

By both realizing professional challenges efficiently and spending our free time creatively, we can look on Poznań as a City of Work and a City of Play.

 Access to Poznań


All trains arriving to Poznań stop at Poznań Main Railway Station (Poznań Główny). The Railway Station is composed of two buildings: the Main Hall (Hala Główna) and the Western Railway Station (Dworzec Zachodni) connected by a subway.
The Railway Station is located in the city centre, just next to the Poznań International Fair venue (Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie). In the Main Hall there are kiosks, shops, cafes, ATMs and the City Information Centre point.
Passengers can get to the city by tram or bus – the nearest tram stop is next to the Western Railway Station (Dworzec Zachodni). Trams no. 3, 5, 8, 11, 12, 14 depart from the stop “Dworzec Zachodni”. In the vicinity of the Main Hall exit there is a municipal bus stop for lines 68 and 59 (bus line 59 is going directly to the Ławica Airport). At night, night buses approach the stop too. To get to the tram stop, passengers should use stairs or a lift leading to the Railway Bridge (Most Dworcowy). There, passengers can use trams no. 6, 10, 11 and 18 from the stop “Most Dworcowy”. TAXI ranks are located next to the Main Hall (under the Railway Bridge), the Western Railway Station exit and the main entrance to Poznań City Centre (at Wolne Tory street).
Automatic train timetable information system (phone no.): 19 757

Air travel

Ławica Airport is located 7 km from the city centre, in the vicinity of the route leading directly to the major city points and next to the road out of Poznań to Berlin and Warsaw. It is possible to get to the city center from the airport using line 59, which is going directly to Railway Station.

Passengers have air – conditioned, spacious arrival and departure halls at their disposal as well as travel agencies, an elegant restaurant, bars, shops, car rental points, City Information Center point and viewing area.
Next to the airport hall exit there is a TAXI rank, it is however worthwhile calling RADIO TAXI.


PKS Station (Bus Transport Company) is located at 2 Matyi Street (next to the Main Railway Station). It provides both domestic and international transport services. At the bus station there are ticket offices, PKS information point and a travel agency selling tickets for international routes.
In front of the station (at the Railway Bridge) there is a tram stop “Poznań Główny” for lines no. 3, 6, 10, 12 and 18.
Information (phone no.): 703 303 330


You can get to Poznań driving A2 motorway – a charge is payable for using it (from the west: direction from the border; access from the east direction: from Konin), national routes no. 92, no. 5 (east – west direction) and no. 11 (north – south).
The city centre is covered by the Parking Zone. Fare is collected for each vehicle parked within the zone. Drivers pay the parking fee in parking meters located along streets in the city centre. The Parking Zone borders are marked with B-39 road sign.
Drivers coming to the city are recommended to leave their cars in guarded car parks and specially prepared buffer car parking lots placed around the Parking Zone.

 Poznan City Card

Discover Poznań with the Poznań City Card! This is the best and least expensive way to get to know our city and the adjacent area.

The Poznań City Card comes in three versions: one-, two- and three-day with the options: normal and discounted with transportation or without.

Holders of the Poznań City Card are entitled, among other things, to:

– free use of public transportation,
– free admission to most of Poznań’s museums,
– discounted admission to sports and recreational facilities,
– discounted admission to the Palm House and the Zoo,
– discounts at hotels and restaurants.

Terms and conditions of use of the Poznań City Card

The Card is valid for holder only (as signed on front). The Card is valid only after first and last name and date of first use have been filled in. The Card may not be used by third parties and it is valid together with an ID. The period of validity begins to run on the date stated on the Card. In case of using the Card outside of Poznań, the Card is valid one day past the date shown on it.

When used as pass on public transportation, the Card is valid until 12:00 midnight on the last day on which the Card is valid (1, 2 or 3 days).

When used as pass on public transportation, the Card is valid in buses and trams serviced by the City Transportation Company (MPK) in A, B and C zones.

The Card comes with a guide booklet, which includes information on available attractions, discounts and free admission. You can only use a given attraction once; upon entry to the attraction, you should produce your Card and submit a proper coupon provided on the last pages of the guide booklet. The coupons are not valid if the Card has been lost or stolen.

The Poznan City Card comes in versions:

Public Transport     No Public Transport
1 day          35 PLN                     30 PLN
2 day          49 PLN                     35 PLN
3 day          59 PLN                     45 PLN
Public Transport     No Public Transport
1 day          25 PLN                     20 PLN
2 day          35 PLN                     30 PLN
3 day          45 PLN                     38 PLN