Poland  –  Country with natural Halal potential

The aim of this article is to present the basic knowledge about Poland and potential in polish Halal market. Poland is located in very heart of Europe.  As developed country it has as well many forests, sea, mountains and regions called “Land of a thousands lakes”. Mentioned country located is in middle Europe and belongs to the Green Heart of Europe.


Photo2: landscape in Polish mountains region.

If we look to the economic potential, we can clearly see big chance for the home investors and as well foreign. The basic principles governing the undertaking of economic activity by foreign nationals as presented in the act of 14 June 1991 that concerns companies with foreign capital investment. It was possibility after overthrow communism.

It must be noticed that Poland belong to the European Union. Impending accession to the Union came in 2004. From that time, polish economic and cooperation with foreign business grow up rapidly also in Halal market. If we start write short brief about Halal market and Halal business, we can’t miss the presentation of Muslims history in Poland.

Photo3:  Beautiful Polish white winter in countryside.

Poland is mainly catholic country but Muslims exist here in mutual tolerance. The first presence of Muslims in Poland is noticed in 14th century. In that time Poland was associated with the Tatars, many of whom settled in Poland after wars or battle and continuing their traditions and religious beliefs.

The first significant non-Tatar groups of Muslims arrived in Poland in the 1970’s. It was mostly student coming to the Universities. In the 1970s and 1980s Poland attracted a number of students from many socialist-aligned Arabic-speaking states of the Middle East and Africa. Many of them decided to stay in Poland because of personals situations. In the late 1980s this community became more active and better organized. Currently the total number of Muslims in Poland is estimated at around 40,000. At present Poland have 3 main Muslims organizations and biggest of them named “Muslim League in RP” which has 8 centers in biggest cities of Poland and Muslim Religious Organization in RP which was first Muslim organization initialized by Tatars in 1936.

Photo4: Polish mosque in Gdansk city.

Since the overthrow Communism in 1989, other Muslim immigrants have come to Poland. A relatively prominent group is Turks. There are also smaller groups of immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Algeria and from other countries, as well as a some larger number of refugee community coming from Chechnya. Besides every year some number of polish Catholics convert to Islam. It noticed about several thousand ethnic Polish people have also converted to Islam.

That number of Muslims comes to the reason that in Poland has been initiates  Polish Halal Institute (PIH) which is responsible for Halal goods in whole country. Founders of Institute belong to the Muslims members organization and are Muslims. Therefore, PIH is responsible for Halal production in Polish companies, slaughtering, certification and monitoring every Halal polish product in Poland as well abroad.

The first aim to organized Polish Management in Halal production  was to pay more attention to the Muslims needs living in Poland as well in the whole world. From this reason it has been initiated on big scale as the first in Poland Program Halal Polska. This idea have by us more then 16 years of experience in Halal Program, Inspection, Certification and management of Halal as well identification Halal products in Poland.  PIH is also in the strict cooperation with  Muslim organization in Poland and with EU standards committee of health, food and veterinary. This Institute has got whole positive attestation  in Poland on ours applicable Halal procedures with Islamic SHARIA. It follows all the Islamic rules in connection with the slaughtering as well as the manufacture of product up to final product. PIH manage most strict Halal product, cooperate also with Islamic scientists.

In this way, all polish managed and certificated products by PIH have been manufactured in accordance with all Islamic shariah rules. This act is guaranteed, that products having logo Halal are pure Halal. Why Poland need that big controlling institute like PIH?

Photo5: Polish agriculture suitable for Halal production.

It noticed that really pure Halal even in many countries is not in 100% percent. In some countries we can estimate that pure Halal it is not more then 50% of total Europe Halal production.

This was also main reason to open such institute. Only strict control cooperate with scientists can give sure that Halal production is real Halal, safety and healthy for consumers.

Aspire of PIH effort was permit obtainment on oversight and over enterprises whole control in Halal production in polish companies. As we say before, it was a key to correct monitoring of Program Halal. As a leader in Poland, ours ideas has come to the life.

Photo6: Polish city Malbork

Mission of PIH is world-wide facilities for none Muslims too. As we all know Halal products are healthier and have a lot of profits to the people’s life. By the reliable procedures and whole monitoring-managing Program Halal consumers can be sure that they buy pure authentic Halal products. Every piece of Halal must be equal to the best quality, always.

Photo 7: Halal – beauty for life, quality for production

As we say before, P.I.H. is known as the leader in Middle Europe by businesses protecting (for recipient and consumers) and  by leading professional ‘‘Program Halal”. PIH as Institute has mutual looking.

For all people, a specially none Muslim it is so important (besides religious background) because scientists work showing us many benefits from Halal products. This science facts leads to the confidence for Halal clients also for none Muslims.